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Duet earbuds

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Essential Sleeve

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Piston Power 5000 wireless

Charge in style.

Wireless Qi Canvas
Piston Connect Armour Piston Connect Braid+ 3-in-1 Multicable Piston Connect Braid Piston Connect Mini

Charging cables

Length? Colour? Material?

With cables ranging from 1 ft to 10 ft, red to blue, aramid fibre to vegan leather, we have the perfect cable to match all your needs.

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BASE Headphones BASE Wireless Earbuds Blue Piston Volume 2 Classic Classic Wireless

Speakers, Earphones & Headphones

Get lost in sound.

Our audio collection includes the premium Duet true wireless earbuds, BASE collection, the Blue Piston speaker, and our most popular & affordable Classic earbuds.

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Essential Sleeve
Essential Sleeve
Essential Sleeve
Essential Sleeve
Essential Sleeve

Essential Sleeve

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