Stylus Aluminum Pro



The LOGiiX Stylus Aluminum Pro a simple, sleek stylus.

The LOGiiX Stylus Aluminum Pro improves your precision while limiting
fingerprints on your touch screen device and comes with two spare silicone tips. Choose from one of four vibrant colours while typing away and enjoy convenient storage when not in use

  • 5 mm tip
  • Retractable Stylus
  • Magnetic - stick it to your workplace so you never lose it
  • Ergonomic design provides added weight to allow less pressure against your device
  • Coloured tip matches the stylus

Most touch screens.


    • Dimensions - 6.83x 0.79x 2.16
    How long does one rubber tip last?

    Each rubber tip can withstand up to 1 year of regular use.

    Does the magnet on the Stylus Aluminum Pro allow me to attach the stylus to my iPad?
    Yes, the Aluminum Pro can be magnetically attached to your iPad.

    Can I buy replacement tips for the Aluminum Pro Stylus?
    Yes, you can buy the replacement tips here!

    What should I do if my LOGiiX Pro Stylus defective or damaged?
    If your LOGiiX accessory was defective or damaged please contact our customer service representatives at



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