VANCOUVER GADGETS — Logiix Piston Connect and TuneFREQS great accessories for your gadgets collection

Buying a new gadget or phone is complicated these days and when it comes to choosing accessories for them it can be just as confusing.

Apple, Samsung and LG provide earphones and charging cables with their devices but as I have found Apple’s Lightning connectors are not as durable as they should be. They can’t take the wear and tear of everyday use or travel and abuse by children and adults alike.


Piston Connect

Logiix does have the answer to some of these issues with their Piston Connect Lightning cables. Designed to meet Apple standards, these are tangle free braided cables that can take the use and abuse we put our devices through. The outer nylon resists kinks and tangles and the cables meet Apple’s specifications & performance standards. If only Apple would make them this sturdy!


Logiix also has some stellar headphones with Blue Piston Tune Freqs. They really pound out the sound and when I turned them up full on my iPhone the sound was unbearably loud. I don’t ever advocate doing this regularly but I had to see what they could take. They delivered.

Equipped with full stereo sound, they also feature an inline mic and music controls. These will work with iPhone and most Android devices so check to make sure they are compatible with your Android device.

They are also great because they have a durable aluminum house and flat cables that prevent them breaking. I’ve beaten up many pairs of headphones over the years.

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