TECH GEEK NELSON — Bluetooth Speaker from LOGiiX, Blue Piston Elements Mini [REVIEW]

This portable speaker from LOGiiX may not look like much but it packs a punch. I promise to be completely honest with this review and with that said, I kinda expected average results. A few years ago I bought a bluetooth speaker from Radioshack. It was about $50, It was a pretty decent speaker but once I took it to the beach the sound was never the same. The Blue Piston Elements Mini is half the size of that speaker, sounds better, costs about the same and is weather resistant. Its safe to say that I found my new portable speaker.

-Powerful base
-Loud enough for a personal use
-360 sound
-Weather resistant (Perfect for the beach, by the pool or park)
-Cube shape makes it easy and fun to travel with.

-Honestly, I can’t think of any. Maybe different colors options but I actually like the black and orange colors. I actually would love it if you guys could try it out before you buy it. My words can only go so far, hopefully the video helps.

Check out my video review for a better look at The Blue Piston Elements Mini from LOGiiX.

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