JUSTIN KWAN — Best Outdoor Speaker?



There are many great speakers out there on the market for the taking, which have great audio quality. Now, many people enjoy listening to their music outside, and most speakers are incapable of handling the conditions of outdoor use, whether that be rain or mud. So, how does the Blue Piston Elements eradicate this problem?

The whole unboxing experience was quite standard as for most speakers. A double sided audio jack cable and a micro-USB cable were included in the box.

Now the whole outside of the Blue Piston Elements Mini speaker was covered in a soft rubber, which definitely helps in absorbing shock from impacts or drops. The speaker grill is orange, which gives a nice aesthetic, “pop”, and with 4 very tactile buttons, this speaker looks extremely sharp and clean.

The sound quality was above adequate, with a nice amount of base, while retaining those clean highs and mids. But, at full volume, the speakers tend to get a little fuzzy, which didn't affect my overall experience quite drastically, as I rarely turn my speakers to full sound anyways.

Connecting this speaker to any of your devices is extremely simple, as this speaker uses Bluetooth, and also has an option of directly using the double sided audio jack as an alternative.

The amount of time and capacity of these speakers were decent, as I’ve been using the Blue Piston Elements Mini for 3 days in a row with no signs of these speakers dying anytime soon. Charging these speakers also was quite quick, as I was able to listen to music in no time!

All in all, the Blue Piston Elements were surprisingly a bang for the buck being great sounding, looking great, water resistant, while costing only $40 dollars. I especially loved how this was shock resistant, and in general, this speaker is awesome! So if you’re looking for a great wireless speaker that doesn’t break the bank, the Blue Piston Elements mini is your go-to option!

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